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Make that "a Cornish Game Hen" in some pots. - Joel Rosenberg's Personal LiveJournal

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November 6th, 2008

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10:49 am - Make that "a Cornish Game Hen" in some pots.
Let's see . . . first we have the biggest post-election drop, well, ever; then we find out that McCain's campaign wasn't really so dishonorable, that Obama's supporters should lower their expectations, including those who want to get paid . . .

I hope nobody tells Peggy Joseph.

Or Andy Young.
 “Nothing would have more impact on the economy and the price of oil than his election as president,” Young said. “There would be a boost of 1,000 points on the stock market the first week after he’s elected. This would be better than a chicken in every pot.”

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Date:November 7th, 2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
I am not amazed or surprised. One thousand days would put it in the third year which is just about the right time to start campaigning for a second term. What a surprise. Considering what I've seen so far in stocks and some of the other economic indicators, I doubt very seriously Obama will be able to hold people off for three years. He promised change and so far his picks for advisors and cabinet are the same faces and policies we've been seeing from Dems. It is no surprise that Obama is already planning his re-election campaign before getting into the job he was voted to do just as he began campaigning as soon as he became a U.S. Senator. More of the same and the Washington side step shuffle begins.

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