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Need a room for the Inaugural? - Joel Rosenberg's Personal LiveJournal

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November 12th, 2008

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09:18 am - Need a room for the Inaugural?
Craigslist ad:  (h/t getrich)

Room for Rent -- Inauguration Day/ObamaCon 2009 (map)

Reply to: hous-914613135@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-11-11, 11:48AM EST

In a search of a room in DC so that you can spend Jan. 20 standing in the bitter winter cold with thousands of like-minded souls watching the historic transfer of power from one Harvard grad to another? Look no further.

Me: Heartless, greedy right-wing oppressive type looking to make a buck.

You: Obama's election was Christmas/your first kiss/May Day all wrapped into one. You dutifully wore his button -- which you have yet to remove -- contributed money to his campaign from your non-profit job and chanted "yes we can" as if it were the 11th commandment. A strange void now exists in your life and -- like an old hippie looking to recapture the spirit of Woodstock -- you are undertaking a pilgrammage to Washington for one last gulp of the Kool-Aid.

Along with my bedroom you will have access to the house's many amenities including cable television (not that you watch much TV) for viewing Keith Olberman's latest unhinged rants and CNN in high-def. Wireless internet means that the Huffington Post and DailyKos are only a click away on your MacBook. American flags and other patriotic paraphanelia in the room can be removed upon request.

The house is located in the diverse neighborhood of Adams Morgan with people of many different skin pigmentations that will allow you to revel in your tolerance. Rest assured, however, that this diversity does not extend to ideology and that you are sure to march lock-step with the prevailing sentiment ensuring that your most strongly held beliefs remain unchallenged.

Easily accessible subway and bus stops will help ensure a minimal carbon footprint while fair trade coffee is never more than a few steps away at any number of independently-owned establishments. Nearby non-chain bookstores similarly mean that tomes such as Mao's Little Red Book, Chomsky's latest masterpiece or additional copies of The Audacity of Hope can be easily purchased either for yourself or as early holiday shopping.

Rather than state a price I am requesting that you bid on this fabulous opportunity to ensure profit maximization on my part so that I can better weather the Bush Recession.

Lanier Pl. at Ontario   google map   yahoo map
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Date:November 12th, 2008 03:36 pm (UTC)
Would the OP on Craigslist care for a bowl of cream? (snicker)
[User Picture]
Date:November 12th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
Creative and vicious at the same time.
Date:November 15th, 2008 03:07 pm (UTC)
This made me laugh until my birkernstocks fell off... The only hitch the person missed is detailing where in the house it is okay to smoke weed. The kool aid is more effective if you are half sedated already.
Date:April 21st, 2009 10:38 pm (UTC)

Are you ever going to finish the Gaurdians of the Flame?

I grew up on that series, and having just re-read it, it's kind of heartbreaking the way you let it drop. Are you ever going to conclude it?
Date:April 21st, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)

Re: Are you ever going to finish the Gaurdians of the Flame?

I hope to; no promises. More on that another time. Talking about publishing is kind of depressing right now.
[User Picture]
Date:August 13th, 2009 09:11 am (UTC)

Re: Are you ever going to finish the Gaurdians of the Flame?

OK, how about now? ;) I was googling for a quote from "The Sleeping Dragon" and stumbled across your blog. I hope all is well with you. I met you at Coastcon in Biloxi many years back, I still have my autographed copy of The Warrior Lives.. somewhere. Anyhow, I'd love to see what happens next. Maybe even a whirlwind "conclusion"? :)
Date:August 19th, 2009 09:07 pm (UTC)

Re: Are you ever going to finish the Gaurdians of the Flame?

I read all the novels when I was younger and would love to see the series continue. The books had a tremendous influence on me, and remain my all-time favorites.

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